Sophisticated Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

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how to fold a square pocket

Struggling to pull off the classical pocket square? Well, you are not alone. This rather timeless and sophisticated man’s wardrobe essential can be very intimidating to craft, especially for first-timers. And though this fashion piece never goes out of style, the perfect way to fold a pocket square has been limited to only few people.

With the right resources and skills, you will definitely have this pocket square mania rocking your entire getup. So, it’s time to accessorize your shirt or suit with the ever posh and timeless piece— the pocket square.


Just like any other fashion piece, pocket square also has a lot of varying origins. Though there has been no particular founding date, this garment could be dated back during the ancient Egyptian times and ancient Greeks era. But the formal association of pocket squares where traced during the 1930s, when King Richard II  was seen carrying a square cloth for his nose.  From then, he was often tagged as the founder of pocket square. The pocket squares were significantly considered as accessories instead of a practical piece of clothing. Over the years, the once simple piece of cloth was elaborately embroidered, and made out of expensive materials such as silk and wool.

These pieces were used to highlight the social status of a person as these were very popular among the upper class. In the present time, everyone can wear the pocket square. There has been no division when it comes to people wanting to inject more elegance and style into the outfit with the help of the pocket square. That is why it is a significant wardrobe piece that should not be overlooked.

Right Fabric


Fold a Pocket Square

First of all, you need to consider the right fabric to be used for your pocket square. Actually, you can have any fabric of your choice, but you just need to pick those fabrics that are thin enough to be crafted into a pocket square. Some of the most favored types of fabric that will seriously add panache to your style are cashmere, cotton, linen, silk, and wool. These types are great to fit into the breast pocket without looking bulky or clumsy. If you want a sophisticated style, then silk can do its job, considering its texture and versatility. For a more laid-back pocket square, cotton or wool is fitting year-round.

Color and Design 

It’s great to have at least one or two simple fabric designs for your pocket square style, but don’t just stick with the conventional colors. Well, the pocket square is not just your typical piece of fabric. It’s something that will help you glam up your style in a very flattering manner. So, you can have different varieties, ranging from flamboyant hues to striking designs, which will definitely top off your tailored coat or well-fitted suit. The varieties will also give you the chance to express your personality at a given occasion.

Folding Ways

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Don’t let your pocket squares go unnoticed with these sophisticated folds. There are many ways to pull off this unique piece that will certainly suit the specific mood you want to portray. Let’s have the ball rolling and elevate your creativity with these pocket square folds.

The Presidential Fold

How to Fold a Pocket Square

The most basic pocket square style—the presidential fold. This simply crisp and clean fold is very easy to prepare as it appears to be just a single horizontal fabric on top of your breast pocket. Wear the presidential fold in any formal occasion, and for sure you’ll be exuding the maximum formality and elegance.

One-Point Fold


How to Fold a Pocket Square

Another effortless pocket square to craft is the one-point fold or sometimes called as ‘one tip up’. It features a single and symmetrical triangle on your breast pocket. This fold is very easy to make, and is best done if you use linen or cotton. The adaptability of this particular fold is ideal for a business gathering or a casual event.

The Two-Point Fold


How to Fold a Pocket Square

The two-point fold is an elegant step- up of the one-point fold, which highlights only one simple triangle facing upward. The slight variation creates a more impressive look with a bit of flair, which makes it perfect for business professionals. The process is almost the same as the one-point fold, except the slightly off-center.

The Puff Fold


How to Fold a Pocket Square

Unlike other folds that require precise geometry, the puff fold is more laid-back. This fold is one of the most effortless folds that will suit any type of formal gathering or even you casual dates. You just need to lay flat the fabric, then pick it up in the center. Fold the bottom part until the ‘puff’ is enough to be tucked into the breast pocket. This is best done using silk because such fabric showcases depth and elegance.

The Crown Fold


How to Fold a Pocket Square

Another popular and sleeker pocket square style is the crown fold. This specific fold is also called as ‘three tips up’ because it features three triangular folds. It looks great if you use patterned or colored pocket squares. You can have this style for formal presentations or for casual situations— whatever your choice you’d still look fine because of its casual elegance.

There are still a lot of creative ways to strike up the pocket square game. And if you’re up for more sophisticated styles, check out the different folds below.

The Scallop

How to Fold a Pocket Square

The Reverse Puff


How to Fold a Pocket Square

The Three Stairs


How to Fold a Pocket Square

The Rolled Puff


How to Fold a Pocket Square

As much as possible, make the most out of your wardrobe essentials and don’t just let significant stuffs like pocket squares stay in your closet forever. Be bolder and try different things that will help you boost your style and confidence. And the great thing about this fashion piece is you actually don’t need to spend a lot of money because you can make it on your own. No need to splash some cash just to achieve sophistication at its best because in the end, it all boils down to resourcefulness with a touch of creativity. So, better use the pocket square game in expressing your unique fashion sense.

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