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About Us

Our Brand Story

Established in 2008, features a top-notch collection of premium leather goods ranging from wallets, handbags, belts to other leather accessories. While the company started in 2008, the founder of has pioneered in the craftsmanship of leather goods for over 20 years. This goes to show how vast our understanding is when it comes to each and every of our leather products – from the body to its most intricate details. Bison Denim’s exceptional knowledge and experience with premium leather goods have brought the company’s prestige image to the global leather industry.


Bison Denim’s Craftmanship

The company, took 7 years of hard work and impeccable brand development to deliver top-notch leather quality with regards to international standards. The craftsmanship of our leather goods is immensely detailed to perfection, and is carefully processed in a neat and very well-maintained facility. 90% of our leather production process is by hand; proving that we are very particular with the natural details of genuine leather. Every leather material is designed to embrace sophistication and timelessness.